Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our solutions or services? Or maybe you’re not even sure what questions you have yet! Either way, this page will provide you with answers to the questions we get most often.


The Matrix Cloud is a simple way to solve complex data problems. Subscribers configure a combination of Matrix solutions to address business process needs and components for customizing the functionality of your solutions. Our components include fully customizable grids, an alert engine, an API, dashboards/reports and more. Your cloud will include a Data Hub as the central component. The Matrix Cloud is always secure, Azure based and cloud native. Check out our Matrix Cloud explainer video to learn more!

Our retail pricing is listed here. Please contact us for Steelcase Blue Share pricing. Other discounts may apply!

Matrix for Business (MxB) Reporting and data views, providing the ability to selectively and securely deliver customized views, reports, and dashboards.

One-time cost: $7,500 | Monthly cost: $795

MxB TV Continuously broadcast MxB dashboards, reports, or measures to multiple monitors around your organization’s network with the ability to broadcast specific and different measures to each device. (requires MxB subscription)

One-time cost: $3,500 | Monthly cost: $375

Matrix for Integration (MxI) Integrates any two data sources. Standard MxI connections are listed below. Contact us for a quote to integrate custom solutions.

See one-time costs below. Monthly costs are as follows: 3 Connections $795, 5 Connections $995, 10 Connections $1,795.

Salesforce One-time cost: $9,500
Procore One-time cost: $4,750
IQ (outbound from IQ only) One-time cost: $2,750
Dtools - coming soon! One-time cost: $4,750
MsCRM - coming soon! One-time cost: $9,500

Matrix for Time (MxT) MxT is a time and billing solution for Design and Project Management.

One-time cost: $7,500 | Monthly cost: $795

MxT Crew View Time collections and communication for service and field crews. Integrates with MxT and business system data. (requires MxT)

One-time cost: $3,500 | Monthly cost: $375

Matrix for CRM (MxC) A CRM for the contract furniture industry that's mobile-friendly, simple to use, and integrates with data from your business system.

One-time cost: $7,500 | Monthly cost: $795

MxC Custom A custom version of our CRM that can be as customized as you need it to be

One-time cost: Quoted | Monthly cost: Starts at $1,495

Matrix for Resources (MxR) Simple and effective scheduling in a system that is customized to meet your needs. Schedule orders from your business system.

One-time cost: Quoted | Monthly cost: Starts at $1,495

We are big believers in customization, which sets us apart from most SaaS providers. All Matrix Cloud components are fully customizable and many of our solutions are as well.

We offer our block agreements for all our technology services. There are multiple advantages to this approach. Blocks pricing applies to all our services and clients can mix and match how much of each service they use in each month. Most importantly, block clients are always at the top of work plan and receive a substantial price break in return for a predictable workflow.

Most of our solutions are cloud native, some are still on premise. With all our cloud native solutions, there is very little IT support required and no local infrastructure. All Matrix Cloud components are cloud native.

While our solutions are largely born in the industry, we do have many solutions clients outside the contract furniture vertical. We have a rich experience of providing services to many large and well-known clients for much or our long history.

Matrix for Integration (MxI) is an integration platform that is utilized to link platforms and data sources. Our experience working with several “integration platform as a solution” (iPaaS) toolsets led us to build our own. Most are very costly and incredibly difficult to master. Think of MxI as “iPaaS as a service.” All MxI integrations include basic monitoring.

Yes, the Matrix Data Hub is your data! While it is the heart of our Matrix Cloud approach, you can choose to access the information using any visualization tool you choose.