Fractional Software Developers

Many of our major clients take advantage of our Fractional Software Developer service.  It is a simple approach that allows our best clients to reduce their hourly development cost.  The service works best when an organization has a predictable and consistent need for development services.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to this approach is the ability to use all the services that Empact IT offers for one predictable and low fee.  If your company requires a lot of software development one month, mostly reporting services the following month, and some of both the month after it is as simple as coordinating with our team to schedule the work.

Programming Code

The components of our fractional service are as follows:

Base Monthly Rate

The base monthly rate is set based on the volume of services you think you might require in the coming months.

Included Hours

Based on the base monthly rate, a specific quantity of hours will be included in the package you select.

Overage Rate

If your organization only uses the included hours, only the base monthly fee will be billed. If you elect to go over the included hours, those hours will be billed at a pre-agreed upon rate. That rate will be significantly discounted from our retail rates, in some cases up to 25%.


Some term will apply to the service agreement. This is negotiable.