Consulting and Strategy

Empact IT was founded in 1999. While we have always provided software development and reporting solutions, we were also in the Managed IT space for many years, until we exited in 2017. This experience gives a very well-rounded and hard-earned view of the IT landscape. As a result, we offer a select set of consulting services to our best clients.

Here are some of the solutions we can provide.

IT Strategy and Planning

Your IT works, no doubt. Do you have a high performing IT group? Do you have a defined – and written – strategy. We can work alongside your staff to flesh out or define your IT Strategy – in whole or we can focus on specific parts.

Targeted Leadership Search

Sometimes the key to a high performing IT group is having the right leadership. Finding the correct leader for your organization is more science than you might think and is a repeatable process. The right leader will drive the group towards its potential. We have made our living for two decades by hiring the right people for the right positions. We can help you with candidate profile, review, and selection.

Major Project Planning and Project Management

We can step in on major projects at any level. Whether we drive the process, or come alongside your staff, we can help ensure major project success.

Data Strategy

Empact IT has experience at all levels of data strategy. From design and schema to integration to data warehouse, we can drive an effective data strategy that works for your organization.

Software Selection

Selecting the right solution is most times a multi-million-dollar impact to your organization. Empact IT can work with your management to define an organized and analytical approach to making a solution selection.

Many of our major clients take advantage of our Fractional Software Developer service. It is a simple approach that allows our best clients to reduce their hourly development cost. The service works best when an organization has a predictable and consistent need for development services.