The Matrix Solutions for Contract Furniture Dealers

The Matrix for Business (MxB) solution delivers ease of access to business data and information, creating a platform for improved strategic decision-making capabilities. Customers of MxB can reduce time-consuming and costly data gathering and reporting tasks with fast business intelligence software that can turn hours of work into an easy user request taking only minutes or even seconds.

The system has three main components – Dashboards, Analysis, and Data – and can be integrated with any data source.  MxB has been in commercial release for many years and is utilized by over a hundred companies worldwide.

Some highlights include:

  • Fully integrated with Hedberg
  • Real-time information
  • Favorited Reports and Views
  • Automated email push of reports and views.
  • Clean, useable Excel format on exports
  • Simple and quick customization of reports and views.

The Matrix for Time (MxT) solution is developed with busy designers and project managers in mind.  It is particularly valuable when keeping accurate time entry – for either billing or job costing – is a requirement.

Time Entry is simple and quick.  Administrators can easily review and manage time entries while creating accurate invoices.

Some highlights include:

  • Time Entry by Employee, Project, Role, Activity (Mobile daily time entry)
  • Expense Report tracking
  • Billing Through Hedberg (One Step, Order lines/Miscellaneous Charges or new quote)
  • “Project” Management (Hedberg project folders or MxT projects)
  • Versatile Reporting
  • Alerts
  • Payroll Export
  • Workload Capacity Management

Matrix for Resources (MxR) is a job and resource scheduling solution developed with contract furniture dealers in mind.  It is the result building multiple schedulers for the industry over two decades.  The solution is customized to fit the way your organization wants to schedule.

Some highlights include:

  • Replace spreadsheets and manual scheduling procedures.
  • Soft schedule in Hedberg but manage routes and assign resources in MxR.
  • Customized to your scheduling processes.
  • Calendar view reporting.

Matrix for Resources can be tailored to integrate with any business system and scheduling process.

The Matrix for CRM (MxC) is in keeping with our company mantra, “Exactly what you need, right when you need it…”.  Unlike many complicated and costly CRM solutions, it makes collecting the most critical information around leads and opportunities simple and quick.  Data can be entered from any device in just minutes.  The solution is integrated can be integrated with any business system.

Some highlights include:

  • Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities can all be integrated with your business system.
  • Home page that includes tasks and reminders, as well as key measures and dashboards.
  • Extremely mobile friendly data entry.
  • Dashboards show information from lead to invoiced, across multiple databases.

Matrix for Integration (MxI) is a cloud-based, managed solution that allows dealers to easily organize all their Dealer Connect integrations.  MxI is provided by Empact IT and accomplishes the following:

  • Stores and applies custom business logic and rules.
  • Provides custom and “factored” fields for Connect integration.
  • Allows scheduling or batching of transactions to and from Connect.
  • Allows dealers to visually review sync statistics and errors.

MxI is a subscription-based solution that includes a mix of services, provided by Empact IT, with cloud-based software.  Dealers may elect to manage their own integrations or rely on Empact IT for a complete solution.

The solution can be used in integrate any solution with Hedberg (H1 or H2). Some standard integrations like Salesforce, Dynamix CRM, and Procore will already exist.  Dealers may also request custom integrations, for any solution that has an API.

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