Support Announcement

A new Support process is now available to all customers. For support, you can now email us directly at:


We are excited to introduce a new Support process at Empact IT that will enable:
  • Consistent and centralized intake process
  • Team monitoring and ownership
  • Improved prioritization
  • Built-in tracking and reporting
  • Better accountability and training
  • Faster routing and resolutions


When you email Empact IT Support at SUPPORT@EMPACTIT.COM, you will receive an automated response with a unique ID# that can always be referenced to find your original request and obtain updates.

For the fastest resolution, be sure to provide this basic information:

  • Application website
  • Summary of the request or issue

Add these critical elements if something isn’t working as expected:

  • How your work is negatively impacted (severity)
  • Is your entire team impacted? (scope)
  • Is there a temporary workaround? (priority)
  • Screenshots and steps to recreate (replication)
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