Matrix for Business for Direct Sell


MxB-DS was developed in conjunction with Steelcase and will allow dealers to have greater visibility into direct sell transactions. Together with Matrix for Integration (MxI), the solution captures data from the Hedberg database of subscribing dealers and from Steelcase systems. The solution launches the long standing MxB platform into the cloud!


The initial release of the solution will focus on transactions, commissions, and reconciling discrepancies.

New Functionality

MxB-DS includes all the functionality of the current MxB platform and adds lots of new features. Setting favorites, grouping, filtering, and customizing views by arranging column order are all improved. MxB-DS includes alerts!

Affordable, Secure and Reliable

MxB-DS is hosted in world class Microsoft Azure data centers. There is no IT support necessary! The solution does not require an existing MxB subscription and is compatible with all versions of Hedberg.
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