Matrix for Business for Television


Broadcast Matrix for Business dashboards, reports, and content to an unlimited number of monitors/screens on your network, using MxB-TV.  An active Matrix for Business (MxB) subscription is required to utilize MxB-TV.

Targeted Content

The solution allows subscribers to broadcast different content based on where each screen is located. The system comes with a set of standard content views. However, subscribers can elect to create custom dashboards and reports as well.


Implementation fee includes the following:
  • Broadcast to any device that supports an internet browser and is network accessible
  • Able to broadcast to multiple devices
  • Includes up to four (4) different dashboards

Affordable, Secure, Reliable

MxB-TV can reside on either your local network or in the Microsoft Azure datacenter. There is a one-time cost of $2,500 and a monthly subscription cost of $275. This includes all implementation, training, and support. Custom content can be created at an additional cost.
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