Data Integration Services

Most organizations struggle to connect the dots between various software and data sources within the company.  The result is siloed systems that all have very valuable information.  Worse yet, since information does not flow logically between systems, staff members waste precious time keying information in multiple times. Without that logical flow of information, there is no big picture and no single version of the truth.  This leads to frustration and hampered decision making.

When you add in “less structured” data that might come from the web or vendor sources, the problem becomes even worse.

An effective data integration strategy is the key. Whether your company needs a data warehouse that implements around an integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), or you just need two systems to “talk”, Empact IT has the answer. We are platform independent and will help you decide on the most scalable, quickest, and overall best solution for integrating your data. We will work alongside your internal resources to create a realistic project plan and schedule to improve enterprise visibility and efficiency.

Technology Platforms include:

Our fractional software developer services might be helpful in creating and delivering on a reporting strategy.

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